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Reveel skincare is here!
Reveel is a product line developed in Germany. It has come to us via the medical community and brings about AMAZING instant and cumulative results.

This line has several unique products which will be featured weekly on our Facebook page. Do you follow us??

Resveratrol Night Treatment - This product contains 2% Resveratrol - the highest concentration on the market. The Resveratrol used in this product is uniquely derived from the Japanese Knotweed and delivers a higher potency of Resveratrol than traditionally found in grapes. It's goal is to reduce redness and smooth the skin. Resveratrol is the perfect alternative for sensitive, reactive skin that cannot tolerate retinol. It works to neutralize harmful environmental influences that cause early skin aging. Additionally, Resveratrol actively strengthens the skin's own antioxidant defenses to improve skin density and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C Treatment - 79% pure Vitamin C, a 42 day at home treatment.This product improves the skin's own collagen production by lifting, firming, and brightening overall skin tone. Additionally, it lightens pigmentation and discoloration with glowing visible results. This is the only Cryosafe dehydrated Vitamin C available on the market.

Collagen Spray - An instant hydration boost that will plump the skin for an on-the-go fix. The perfect ultra-hydrating serum in an easy to use spray.

Defending Day Serum - A uniquely designed pre-moisturizer. This product encourages the production of the skin's own hydraulic acid to strengthen overall density while protecting the skin against premature aging.

Online Booking
Many of you have used this great new feature located at the top right corner of our home page on the website. You can also download the online booking app called Fresha to your phone! We encourage you to book, cancel, or re-schedule your upcoming appointments online to ensure that you receive the very best accommodations. Everyone who has used it says it was VERY easy.
It had to be, because if you know Kerian - she is technology challenged!!

Kerian's Corner
As many of you know, I have started traveling again. Yes, I am now once again, teaching my skills and knowledge around the country and islands. I love teaching and I find it keeps me on my toes and up to-date on the latest happenings in the industry.

As a result, I am working on a 30 minute Cinq Mondes Kobido facial using firm, lifting Japanese inspired facial massage techniques. I am excited to offer this soon!!


Summer is nearly gone and Fall is almost here, before we know it,
Christmas will be upon us!!!!!!!!!


Something special is happening...

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