How to shop the Rhonda Allison Line

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During the first ½ of 2020 the Rhonda Allison line underwent a packaging change.  The names stayed the same, but the look is a little different.

You may see your regular products in several different categories.  This is because the ingredients and formulation will work for several different concerns.

A good example is the Citrus Gel Cleanser – It will be found in the Compromised Skin line, Rosacea Rescue line, Skin Rehab line and in the Acne Remedies line. It is the same product inside the container, but it is located in 4 different places, with 4 different looks.   So please don’t be concerned or confused.  A regular consultation with Kerian will keep you and your skin on the right path.  (these are FREE, but an appointment MUST be made).

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The various lines are now color-coded!

IllumiColor – Make up is Pumpkin
Nude Therapies – Body Products are White
Red Method – Mens Products are Black, Red & Sliver


Pro Youth 10 is Silver


Pigmentation/Brightening Solutions Line is Copper


Acne Remedies Line is Green


Rosacea Rescue is Purple


Compromised Barrier Repair (CBR) is Blue


Reflect – The sun line SPF is Yellow


Skin Rehab (Healing) line is Black & White with a Chartreuse leaf


Eye Poducts are Blue and White


IllumiColor - Makeup is Pumpkin


Nude Therapies – Body Products are White


Red Method – Men's Products are Black, Red & Sliver