• A gentle, non-active cleanser, moisturizer and SPF 30 .
  • NO retinol or active ingredients for 7 days after treatment and 48 hours before treatment.
  • Channeling alone will deliver limited results. Channeling with at-home aftercare improves the health and vibrancy of the skin. Scarring is reduced and hyperpigmentation inhibited.
  • Channeling increases product absorption rate of your products by 80%.
  • Clinical studies have shown that microchanneling is more effective than ablative and laser resurfacing and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like deep needling … in stimulating collagen and elastin production, but with NO downtime.


The Cellular Renewal Serum (Step 1) and Healing Accelerator Serum (Step 2) they come in 2 sizes.

trial size Livra Pro system


Trial size $50.00  5ml each

Step one and two - use for 7 days immediately after the treatment




Full Size $260.00     2 products    30ml

I suggest the full size to purchased and used for the full course of treatments – perfect if getting more than one area Microchanneled.


The home aftercare products are as important as the actual treatments. They are designed to maximize positive regrowth of your cells and are to be used in the morning and evening. After cleansing and before moisturizing.

Cellular Renewal Serum: Step 1 – main ingredient is Stem Cytokines. When applied to the skin, the skin mimics the effect of having more stem cells (we lose most of them as we age so that by middle age only a few percent remain compared to our youth). The serum supports cellular renewal and has potent regenerating properties to improve skin firmness, elasticity, and tone. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish over time and skin looks and feels brighter, more luminous, and healthier. Apply 3 pumps to the treated area.

Healing Accelerator Serum:  Step 2 – Contains Stem Cytokines plus Vitamin C, E, B5 and A. All proven to be beneficial to aging skin. Also contains powerful moisturizers and growth factors, keeping skin revitalized and healthy, while helping seal in hydrophilic active serum ingredients (hydrating), further enhancing and maintaining their effects. Apply 3 pumps to treated areas.