The Art, Science, and Skill of Massage

This centuries old skill relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Massage offers something for everyone; it can alleviate pain, soothe tight muscles, stimulate the immune system, and support the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Stress can be a thing of the past with regular massages.

What Type of Massage is Perfect for You?

When it comes to massage there are quite a few modalities available. Depending on your needs, our therapists tend to incorporate a blend of several techniques during your massage appointment. At Skin 'n Tonic, we divide our massage services into two main categories: Western and Eastern. Here is a description of each category:

Techniques we offer:

60 minute,  90 minute,  120 minute sessions

We do not offer a 30-minute massage as we believe that is not enough time to address your area of concern.

  • 90-min Classic (#1 massage booked)
  • Deep Tissue/Sports
  • Reflexology
  • Therapeutic
  • Oncology

Seasonal Specials are also often offered. Watch our newsletter and social media for these announcements.

Runners (45 minute session)

Packages of 5 to 10 sessions are available - ask your therapist for details.

*Prices subject to change.
Times listed are approximate; times listed are the maximum,
actual times may be shorter.